Branding, Print, Digital Design
Completed at, London 2020
Dead Soon is a cultural art project, discovered by Mexican artist Gabriela Reyes Fuchs in 2012 which represents visual evidence confirming our biological makeup is connected to the stars. In a beautiful synthesis between art, science and spirituality, the artist takes a sample of ashes under a microscope and captures their true form of awe-inspiring nebulae, which she then develops into prints. I worked with on the redesign for Dead Soon’s brand identity, and helped to develop the brand’s physical and digital outlet in a way that is as sensitive and as empathic as the artist’s work.

Dead Soon is about healing, conversation and above all words, which is why we developed an identity surrounding language and reading. Dead Soon’s digital experience is reminiscent of the structure of reading, to give our viewers both an intimate and thoughtful experience, whilst not neglecting the functionality of the site which is to aid the viewer in both learning about the project and potentially commissioning their own piece.

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